M34 Tactical

M34 Tactical - Assault Rifle Multi-Tool (ARMT)

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M34 Tactical ARMT

The Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT) was designed for the military mainly for field stripping and quick repairs to the AR-15 while the weapon is warm. It was quickly found that the ARMT fits many other useful roles and rifles. This tool also doubles for a close combat self-defense weapon if needed.

  • The ARMT is made from High Quality 4140-PH Steel, then heat treated and coated with Mil-Spec Nitro-Tec.
  • Total Certified core hardness is 58 HRC.
  • Total case hardness will equal about 61-63 HRC.
  • ARMT is 7 1/4 inches long and almost 2 1/4 inches tall. 
  • Total Weight - 5.5 OZ
  • The ARMT is flat black in color. To get a deeper color rub with house hold or gun oil.

Made in the USA!

The ARMT features:
  • 3 Allen keys, 7/64, 9/64, 1/8 (The Allen Keys also double for a Pin Punch)
  • 1 built in 10mm screwdriver
  • 2 place 1/4 hex bit carrier
  • 1 #2 Phillips hex bit, made from S2 tool steel  
  • 1 SQ2 hex bit, made from S2 tool steel 
  • 1 built in hex bit holder
  • 5 High quality Buna-n o-rings to hold bits in place
The ARMT is Ambidextrous and fits most hands!

Quick List of Some of the things the ARMT can do...

  • 3 common Allen keys to add, remove, or snug accessories
  • Allen keys double for a pin punch
  • 10mm screwdriver for the buttstock screws, scraping, and prying
  • Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders
  • Push out Takedown pins
  • Remove Firing Pin
  • Remove bolt cam
  • Remove bolt assembly from carrier
  • Tighten or loosen bolt carrier key
  • Tighten or loosen Castle Nut
  • Carbon scraper
  • Phillips P2 hex bit driver
  • SQ2 hex bit driver
  • Last resort self defense tool
  • At 7 1/4 in long and 2 1/4 in tall, still small enough to fit in your pocket to carry everyday for all sorts of other projects.


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